Good morning Fedi ~
slightly overslept today

Good timezone Fedi :heart_pride:
have a nice day and stay fluffy ~

Munich, I'm in you.
Tired, comfy hotel bed, hungry... Q.Q

Here's some work I have from my collection of children's-oriented illustrations. I called this series "Farmyard Court", and imagined typical farm animals as royalty. I was playing with the symmetry tool in Procreate, as well as learning how to do fur. I also loved playing with glowing effects and framing mechanisms.

Good day to you Fediverse :purple_sparkling_heart: ~

i had somewhat of a strange morning.
Overslept, no power to go grocery shopping but ordered some online... sooo more free time i guess?


too little lewd stuff in my tl today 😢

Mhh VN or video & chill q.q
decisions, decisions... :blobthinking:

Gooood morning fedi ~
have a nice and stressless day (oh and some cofe if needed)

:ms_deer_with_antlers: ☕ 😍

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