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It's been 2 years since my last DJ slot~ and next month I'll finally be back... I'm so looking forward <3... it means a lot to me :3

If you like EDM/Hardstyle - here's my re-recorded Set from the Baravian Furdance 8 :3

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Whee! It's Bavarian Furdance 8 time!
We're streaming live!

My DJ Slot begins in 5 hours~

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No words describe the sensation of those head massager things better than this image.

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So... for years I tried to tell myself that Laravel wouldn't provide any huge advantages/benefits in my development process.

Yesterday I re-coded an old project with Laravel in just 4 hours ...

Note to myself: I'm sorry, I was so wrong the entire time ...

T-6days until my DJ Set at the Bavarian Furdance 8 in Nuremberg! *excitement intensifies*

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Boost please, FOSS question Show more

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Mozilla is running around as on the taipei pride parade! Didnt know they were that furry however.

Software Development Process

0. I can't fix this
1. Crisis of confidence
2. Question career
3. Question life
4. Oh it was a typo, cool

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