This whole pronouns-gender stuff and the people who really care about that remind me of the fact that all these guys have never experienced the cruelty of war, so they apparently have time and a head for such a 'problem'.


@Olivar "CW: selfie" "CW: eye contact" *facepalms*

@Nyaan @Olivar "eye contact" can actually cause psychological discomfort to some people

@wowaname @foxhkron @Olivar amen~ I mean... it's a kind thing to think about these people... but at some point... it's too much ~0~

@foxhkron then our avatars are some real horror for them ^^;

@Nyaan I think it's more related to eye contact by a real person
@igeljaeger by subconsciously avoiding eye contact. I have some minor eye contact issues too (only in IRL though and mostly social anxiety related)

@Olivar @Nyaan
@foxhkron @Olivar @Nyaan I have that too I suppose. But only when I dont have to. Staring down randos in public can be funny though
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