I'm exhausted from doing nothing. Nothing and masturbating.

Just played the third episode of Life is Strange 2. Not bad...but...well...I'm not absolutely satisfied...

Gosh, I really wanted to have a smoke when I left work today...

I've just seen the episode that explains the American financial system...just genius.

Srsly, how do native speakers actually understand Eric Cartmann in South Park?!

Just in case you ever thought, studying at an university means you automatically have some kind of dignity...yesterday one cubicle in the boy's restroom was filled with shit. Like someone turned around 360 degrees while having some bad bad diarrhoea!

May I ask why the Overwatch League team "New York Excelsior" just contains Koreans?

Finally watched the Sonic trailer...well...not everything's terrible...

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wait...does that mean...there won't be another Marvel movie after End Game?

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