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Why am I sharing my emotional baggage with a bunch of strangers who identify themselves as anthropomorphic animals?

There are two kinds of Animal Crossing players:

1) "I love my new island. So much to enjoy. Sometimes I just walk around the beach listening to the sound of the ocean."

2) "Jeez! First week is nearly over and I just got 6 different kinds of fruits on my island! And I need more bugs and fishes!!! MORE!!!!!! SO RELAXING!!!!"

A few days ago I said to an American Mastodon user they should not worry about Corona.

Well..that was a mistake. I forgot which country we were talking about...and who there current president ist...

@Codric Hey! hast du eigentlich Telegram oder einen anderen beliebigen Messenger, auf dem man dich mal außerhalb deiner unregelmäßigen Mastodon-besuche erreichen kann? ^^

@Olivar Dann gibt's aber nicht mehr viel crossing zwischen den animals, da herrscht dann strenge Rassentrennung!

Never understood people who wanted to play Animal Crossing in Multiplayer. Now even less then before.
This is my island! It's mine! Mine alone!!!

My Nintendo Switch is going to be delivered today and I'm looking out of the window like a little kid who is waiting for Daddy to come home from his business trip.

That new Overwatch hero is going to be very interesting. can't say 2020 is a boring year by now...

nsfw confession 

I have a preference for bellies...don't ask me why...

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Stefan and Derick got Liam some new underwear and need to see what it looks like from all sorts of angles. Oh no! Look's like Liam's underwear is too small to contain all of him. They need to find some stretchier fabric~
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Mastodon. Where people collect genders like pokemon.

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Noddy chilling by the side of the pool :3
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