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My hair looks kinda stylish when I just had sex...

Sign in for some volunteer IT course that gives me more work to do than everything else in this semester so I don't have time to write my Bachelor thesis. This really is some next level procrastination!

There are no bad jobs, just emotionally fragile employees

The stereotypical Furry on Mastodon comes from North America, is between 16 and 36 yo, works in IT or has above average IT knowledge, is trans or at least gay and gets loony if you misgender him/her/it/them/rock/scissor/paper.

You shouldn't base your identity around things you like, or experiences you've had, or how you act in general. The only worthwhile basis of your identity should be the results of the "which Yu-Gi-Oh character are you" quiz which you took when you were twelve (I got Alito)

Why do furries always have to ask in chats if there are other furries?
Are you not able not get along with people who do not share this exact same interest with you?

My neighbors started installing the Christmas decoration and everything looks so fucking happy.

*gets the hard liquor*

"What happened?"
"What always happens. You don't know me. Then you fell in love with me. And then you know me."

There are some fights in life you just can't win. No matter how hard you try.
Deal with it.


Just heard one of my own soundmails. Still sound like 13.


Give me a bottle of something that helps me forget my problems.

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