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Foster the People have made a new album and no one told me about it?!

Finland was funny. But I could never live there for the rest of my life...

Back in Germany. quick stop in Munich and in two hours finally back in my city <3

I've been sleeping for three whole hours so I can go to bed early tonight. I'm such a smart bun bun!

When I really want to cry I just watch the ending of Knockin on Heaven's Door.

My father turns on the TV and then starts watching YouTube on his smartphone.

I recognise some similarities...

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I wouldn't dare to ask random people on the internet for money. I don't know...maybe I'm just too proud for such a thing...

okay, wtf. there are actually people who use the CW function for everything they post.

Just for your information. Content Warning does not mean "Warning! Content incoming!"

Gonna teach my first class in an hour. Fcking nervous...

So the new Pokémon games are called Sword and Shield...

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