I swear, the stuff you can find even on random IT related searches on stock portals needs a bes.. "worst-but-funniest-of".


do somethin productive

join me on a wave of minor productivity


Now on chaos.social also, yay!

I'm the #BorgBackup guy. :)

Es geschehen noch Zeiten und Wunder. Das ZDF stellt den F-Droid Store inklusive 10 Apps vor:


Ja ist denn schon Weihnachten?!!

Mozilla is running around as on the taipei pride parade! Didnt know they were that furry however.

Breathing new Life into an old HP Micro Gen8! I was quite happy with its hdd performance, but adding a sata extender card, a FLOPPY-to-dual-sata power adapter (yes these exist!) and some cli magic to setup the lvm-cache yielded 600 MB/s burst and ~300MB/s sustained load. All i need now is something capable of using 802.3 Link Aggregation - but in the meantime i'll use its 2x1G connections with its now ridiculous random read and write performance. <3

New camera kit. The 18-55 is my old one but with all these I'm feeling good

I hereby define my first axiom of working with customers:

1. If you plan to end your work early this day, a customer will confront you with a high-priority incident that has to be solved ASAP.

If you ever feel bad...

Remember, this exists, is out there and IS IN PRODUCTION.

tonight! Lets hope they can one up their 200/250 shows. :3

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