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Furry trash (me in fursuit) 

Someone had to get that bed setup after all. :P
@Sir_Boops @Nyaan @ZettaiRyouiki


Now on chaos.social also, yay!

I'm the #BorgBackup guy. :)

Welcome! And thanks for keeping our backups running smooth! :3

Es geschehen noch Zeiten und Wunder. Das ZDF stellt den F-Droid Store inklusive 10 Apps vor:


Ja ist denn schon Weihnachten?!!

No need to hate yourself about this, just most devs test against chromium(spy-free-er and flash-free)/chrome mostly or only by now with its huge market share. (Youtube being a prime example with its shadow dom not even being implemented in firefox.) Opera and Vivaldi are closed source crap ontop of chromium anyway and firefox simply wont live up to chromiums performance for years (if at all ever) because they have a way, way tinier devteam.

Thats just how the world is.

So... for years I tried to tell myself that Laravel wouldn't provide any huge advantages/benefits in my development process.

Yesterday I re-coded an old project with Laravel in just 4 hours ...

Note to myself: I'm sorry, I was so wrong the entire time ...

Boost please, FOSS question 

Mozilla is running around as on the taipei pride parade! Didnt know they were that furry however.

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